Collaborate to tackle space travel's most intriguing health problems.

Join us on February 7th - 9th and dive in with experienced
engineers, programmers, designers and scientists.


Registration below pays for all food, drinks, snacks and parking for the hackathon.

Keep astronauts alive and healthy in space – join us for the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Space Health Innovation Challenge (hackathon). This is the first of it’s kind event – Work with amazing mentors including Jeff Davis, MD, Director, Human Health and Performance Directorate, NASA Johnson Space Center and Hugh Forrest, Director of South By Southwest Interactive, and Fred Trotter, author of the bestseller “Hacking Healthcare.”

Registration has begun! New prizes added this week include face time for winners with DreamIt Health Ventures and Health Wildcatters, two leading health accelerators changing the way we innovate healthcare. New sponsors include StartUp Health, the  School of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Texas, and both the Ken Kennedy Institute of Information Technology and the Medical Future’s Lab from Rice University.

JSC is providing challenges for the hackathon to be held at BioScience Research Collaborative at Rice University on February 7 – 9. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the innovation community to provide new perspectives on problems faced by JSC that will keep astronauts healthy while living in space or traveling in NASA’s Orion spacecraft during deep space missions.

Register early and receive a discounted rate. Your registration fee pays for all meals, snacks, and drinks during your participation for the 2.5 day event.

We need students, programmers, doctors, entrepreneurs, game designers, health care professionals, and anyone who can think big and is interested in working on teams to solve the problems faced during space travel.  Winning teams will present to JSC and supporting contractors to look at possible next steps to make them a reality!

Three prize packages will be awarded, one for each category.  Here is the prize package:
1) Tickets to the 2014 Health 2.0 Conference (each ticket has a value of $1900)
2) Office hours (face time in person or via Skype) with:
  • Johnson Space Center / JSC staff and scientists (who define problems)
  • National Space Biomedical Research Institute / NSBRI (who research solutions to problems)
  • Wyle (NASA vendor that executes solutions)
Founding sponsors include Health 2.0 Houston and Enventure.  For more information, see a complete list of sponsors.

Food and drinks will be provided for all participants. For those interested in working late or through the night, onsite showers will be available.